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Team Rules & Quick Guide Empty Team Rules & Quick Guide

on Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:52 am
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Want to be involved in Team Wars? Well, be sure to give this thread a read. I'll be going over the important rules and showing you how to get involved, whether it be creating or joining a team.


  • Leaders dictate which war format will used (Single/Double Hearts, King of the Hill, etc). The most common format, Single/Double Hearts, will be explained later in this thread. 
  • Leaders dictate which format will be used (TCG, TCG+OCG).
  • Unless both leaders decide otherwise, wars will use the current banlist for the war's entirety. It is up to the leaders to ensure their team is well-versed in whatever banlist and format is decided upon.
  • Wars will be issued a 15-day deadline. Once the deadline passes, the team with the most remaining lives wins the war. Extensions may be given if requested.
  • Wars must be approved by staff and go through the appropriate process before commencing (which will be explained later on).
  • War-related threads are to be kept neat and clean. Match reports, substitutions, and any  noteworthy information are to be publicly recorded. Leaders must ensure their team is aware of this and keeps to it. 
  • Disconnections count as a loss unless the player who disconnected had clear advantage (which must be shown through screenshots). Staff will mediate these disputes. 
  • Teams must be reasonably active, both in and out of wars. If a team is undeniably inactive, staff has the ability to disband them.
  • Teams must contain a minimum of three members and a maximum of four. When initiating a war, leaders will decide on how many players will be fielded. 
  • Substitutions must be agreed upon by both leaders, and if need be, mediated by staff. In the case of Single/Double Hearts Format, lives will carry over from the member substituted out to the member substituted in (for example, if Olethros was subbed out for Atticus, Atticus would have the same amount of lives Olethros had).
  • Teams must have abbreviations (for example, team Shadow Riders could be SR).

Single/Double Hearts Format Explanation:

  • This is an FFA elimination-type format, where each player has two lives (or one, if Single Heart format). Each time a player loses a match, they lose a life. Players with no lives left can no longer participate. The first team with no lives, whatsoever, loses. 

  • Explanation of War Formats

    1. Double Hearts Format:
    This is a Free-For-All Elimination-type war format where each player has 2 Lives. The war continues until a team has no more available players to war. (Note: Due to this format using multiple lives there are special substation rules. Any player that is subbed out cannot be substituted back in regardless of the opposing leader approves it. Also, any eliminated player cannot be substituted into the war.)

    2. Free For All War Hearts:

    This is a Free-For-All-type war format. In this format there is no elimination or individual lives. Instead teams are given a total number of Hearts times the number of participates in the war. (i.e. 5v5 = 10 Hearts per team). The first team to reach 0 hearts loses the war.
    3. of the Hill (FE Format)
    This is an Elimination style war format that with an assigned playing order. Each player is assigned a position 1-x (“x” being the number of players used in the war.) The war starts with the players in Position 1 dueling. The winner goes on to duel the player in Position 2, then 3, and so on. Once all players have been eliminated from one side that team loses.

    Team Leaders will decide the lineup of their team. The war will progress dependent upon the results of a match. Example:

    Team 1:A defeats Team 2:A
    Team 1:A loses to Team 2:B
    Team 1:B defeats Team 2:B
    Team 1:B loses to Team 2:C
    Team 1:C ties with Team 2:C

    In this scenario, the war will conclude in a tie. Be wise in choosing your lineups Leaders!

    4. Single Heart Crossfire

    Each member is allowed to face any member of the opposing team. Once you lose, you are out. The war will progress dependent upon the results of a match.

Creating & Joining Teams:

  • To create a team, one must post a team application thread in (and only in) the Team Creation (Hub), located in the Team Hall section. In the team application, the writer must include the team name, team abbreviation, and roster. The thread's title must state the team's name and that it's an application. Example thread title: Shadow Riders (Application).
  • Leaders must have an already established roster before team can be approved. Also, all members of the team must confirm their participation in the application thread in order for staff to give the greenlight.
  • Once the application is approved, the team is good to go! Staff will include it in Duel Corp's official team list. 
  • If leaders wish to post a recruitment thread, they must post in the Team Recruitment section of Free Agents and Recruitments. The title of the thread must state the team name and that it's recruiting. Example thread title: Shadow Riders (Recruiting). 
  • One may also post a free agent thread in the Free Agents section of Free Agents and Recruitments. The title of the thread must state the user's name and that he/she's a free agent. Example thread title: Atticus (Free Agent). In the thread, the user is encouraged to state their game experience and explain why he/she should be considered for a team.

Initiating a War

  • Starting a war is an easy process. Leaders of approved teams are expected to challenge one another and establish rules before a war's commencement. In order to make the war official, one of the two leaders must create a thread in the Wars Section, under Pending Wars. The thread title must state the versing abbreviations. Example thread title: SR vs DP. Once the war is approved, the thread will be moved by staff to the Ongoing Wars area. 

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to comment below or contact staff through Discord.
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